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We at Cyces mean business when it comes to product development and support, and are on a mission to provide life to products right from its conception with our unique development flow & user engagement metrics.

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Cyces Corp. Empowering Products with "that" life which means business.
We work with you on a quest to find "that" ... !

  • Flow #1 Your First Step To Success

    Understanding your business needs

    The first process that we do is what is called in the industrial terms as "requirements gathering" but we understand simple terms like all do, whats the business need and problem in existance. Inspired by Sprint Model of Problem Solving by GV.

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  • Flow #2 Solving The Challenge

    Architecting solutions with MVP

    Once we have defined the problem, we build mockups, minimum viable prototypes for a better understanding, following the flow, phase of architecting comes in. UX flow optimizaiton. Cost optimization. Agile model. Sprint Planning. This is the phase where we try and find that "that"

    What's "that" ? Talk with us.

  • Flow #3 Execution Mode

    Get Things Done Phase. Deliver.

    We understand that results matter. Execution phase is when you will see the investments return on implementation. Taking it forward, understanding what kind of automated support mechanism you need. Planning for the way forward. Because it's just the beginning of the life that came in.

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Product Development
Web, API & Mobile

Web Application Development. Mobile App Development. Android. Web API Development. Stateless Systems. PWA Applications. ROR. Python. JS Frameworks.

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Numbers Matter
Analytics & Optimization

What we measure is what we get. Analytics and Optimization plays an important role in any lifecycle. Product Support. Cost Optimization. Servers. Outliers. Scale.

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User Engagement
Metrics. Measure. ML.

This has always been close to our heart, engaging users Growth hacking a product and achieving targets. Data Collect. Clean. Analyze. Formulate. ML.

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  • Device Content Image

CyProd Beta Version

On the march to our mission of developing wow products and giving life to it with its own growth scale, we identified a few tasks that are recursive and tried to optimize it. Starting with ticketing. Find our unique product coupled and highly dependent CyProd Beta. Looking to launch 2018.

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Power Packed Innovation. Data. 100% Security.

Rest assured you can be sure that your data and development is in safe hands, we ensure our security output with a series of QA and Automated build tests. Data integrity and security is taken care of.

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