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The rapid increase in the elderly population, especially those lacking proper support, points to an need for new care solutions. This trend is particularly noticeable in countries like Japan and is becoming more relevant around the world, showcasing the difficulties aging societies face in ensuring their older citizens lead lives filled with dignity, connection, and joy. A significant rise in the number of older adults living by themselves, often separated from traditional support networks due to changes in society and the broader impacts of globalization, demands a fresh approach to elder care.

Existing models of elder care, which primarily rely on family or institutional support, are struggling to meet the evolving needs of today's older adults. There's an increasing call for care that is not only personalized but also addresses the emotional and social aspects of aging, in addition to the physical. The loneliness and practical challenges that come with living independently highlight the importance of creating accessible, well-rounded services that provide not just aid but also companionship and a sense of belonging.

In response to these needs, Companion was created. This platform signifies a shift in elder care, moving away from old paradigms towards utilising the capabilities of technology and personalized services. Companion aims to connect the elderly with caregivers in a way that enhances the users' lives with customized support and company. This is when the client approached Cyces to build a platform that helps with contributing to a more enjoyable and healthier life for seniors who live on their own.

During the initial discussion between Cyces and the client, Cyces got a deeper understanding on the specific requirements of the elderly population targeted by Companion, along with the logistical and operational hurdles that needed overcoming. This cooperative dialogue laid the groundwork for a targeted design sprint aimed directly at addressing these identified issues.

Following this, the design sprint phase saw Cyces and Companion come together to think up and shape solutions for these gaps in the industry. They put together a well-rounded platform designed to make their operations smoother and enhance the quality of service provided to the elderly.

Here are five key features that the Cyces team came up with:

Order Management/Logistics:

Central to the platform's functionality, this feature will enable effective management of service requests, scheduling, and logistics. It facilitates the smooth coordination of tasks between clients and companions, ensuring that services are delivered timely and efficiently. The system's intuitive interface allows users to easily place orders, track progress, and communicate specific needs or changes, optimizing the service delivery process.

Onboarding and Validation:

To maintain the highest standards of service, the platform features a comprehensive onboarding and validation process for all companions. This process includes background checks, verification of qualifications, and training completions. It ensures that only qualified and trustworthy individuals are connected with clients, thereby safeguarding the welfare and satisfaction of the elderly.

Data and User Management:

This feature stands at the core of the platform, developed to handle the complexities of managing both client and companion profiles. It allows for the secure storage and easy retrieval of user information, ensuring that services are matched appropriately based on needs, preferences, and location. The system supports seamless updates and modifications, enhancing the overall user experience for both parties.

Payment Portal:

Recognizing the importance of secure and hassle-free transactions, Cyces incorporated a robust payment portal. This feature supports multiple payment methods and currencies, catering to the diverse financial preferences of the elderly. It ensures that payments for services are processed securely and efficiently, with transparency in billing and receipts, thereby fostering trust and reliability.

Community Engagement and Resources:

This innovative aspect fosters a sense of belonging and support among users by offering access to forums, educational content, and live events tailored to the interests and needs of the elderly. It encourages active participation and interaction within the community, providing a valuable resource for companions and clients alike to share experiences, seek advice, and find emotional support. It enhances the holistic well-being of the elderly by keeping them engaged, informed, and connected to a broader community.



The data and user management system supports seamless updates and modifications and allows for the secure storage and easy retrieval of user information.

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