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When Aapti Institute reached out to us with an idea, it immediately struck a chord with what we stand for at Cyces. They proposed creating the Data Stewardship Explorer, a platform aimed at making sense of how data is managed and shared worldwide. It matched our own goals of making data more open and accessible while respecting privacy and promoting fairness. We were excited to take it on.

Together, we designed and built the Data Stewardship Explorer, a comprehensive resource showcasing over 150 data stewardship initiatives from around the globe. These range from Account Aggregators to Open Data platforms, each playing a unique role in handling data responsibly. Our task was to make this information easily understandable and accessible to anyone interested in the ethical use of data.

We wanted to create a platform that simplifies the complex world of data governance. By doing so, we aim to spark conversations about making data management as transparent and equitable as possible. This project is a small contribution to a larger movement towards a future where data benefits everyone equally.

This tool was conceived to support the democratization of data by providing comprehensive insights into various forms of data stewardship across different sectors and regions.

Here’s a closer look at its features :

Diverse Model Types:

The platform categorizes data stewardship initiatives into four main types: Account Aggregator, Data Exchange/Collaborative, Open Data, and Personal Data Storage/Marketplace. This classification helps users understand the range of approaches being taken to manage and share data.

Wide Sector Coverage:

Reflecting the multi-faceted nature of data stewardship, the Explorer spans several key sectors, including Civic, Finance, Governance and Transparency, Health, and Others. This broad sectoral coverage enables a holistic view of data stewardship practices and their applications.

Global Reach:

The initiatives catalogued in the Explorer are not limited to a single region but are spread across various countries, including France, India, the Netherlands, the US, and the USA. This global perspective underscores the universal importance of responsible data management and the varied contexts in which it operates.

User-Friendly Interface:

With an emphasis on accessibility and engagement, the platform is designed to be user-friendly, allowing for easy navigation and exploration of data stewardship initiatives. Users can filter initiatives by model type, sector, or region, making it simpler to find relevant examples and learn about their operations and impacts.



This tool makes data more open and accessible while respecting privacy and promoting fairness.

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