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Designing a platform that bridges talent and opportunity in film industry



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3 weeks

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The film and entertainment industry constantly seeks innovative ways to streamline production processes and discover new talent. Recognizing this need, a client approached Cyces with the idea of creating a central hub where all facets of film production converge. This platform was known as Filmak. The vision is clear: to foster a vibrant community where talent meets opportunity and the logistical hurdles of film production are significantly reduced.

A significant challenge has been the lack of a unified platform that streamlines the processes of talent discovery, equipment rental, and production logistics management. The industry currently operates in a fragmented manner, where producers, directors, and other stakeholders must navigate multiple channels to find actors, cinematographers, and necessary equipment. This disconnection not only complicates the production process but also leads to inefficiencies, increased costs, and potential delays, impacting the overall productivity and output of creative projects.

Another problem is the pressing demand for technological solutions that can cultivate greater connectivity and efficiency. By bringing together talent and resources in a single, accessible location where the projects are planned, staffed, and executed, it aims to enhance collaboration and streamline the complex processes that are inherent to the film and entertainment industry.

Through a design sprint, Cyces aimed to address these issues by providing a refined product concept for Filmak, focusing on solving the industry's core problem. For the client, this approach guarantees that the development of the platform aligns with real user needs, securing consensus among all stakeholders, from developers to marketers, about the product's direction.

As a result, this strategic process paves the way for a more integrated, efficient, and user-centric platform in the entertainment sector.

Here are the five key features of the platform:

Unified Talent Database:

This feature is a comprehensive database where actors, actresses, and behind-the-scenes talent like cinematographers and camera operators can create profiles, showcasing their skills, portfolios, and experience. It makes it easier for production teams to discover and connect with the right talent for their projects.

Equipment Rental Marketplace:

The platform will provide a seamless equipment rental service, allowing users to find, compare, and rent a wide range of production equipment. This service aims to simplify the logistics of sourcing and managing production gear.

Casting Call and Audition Management:

Cyces built a dedicated section for posting and managing casting calls, allowing production houses to organize auditions, manage applications, and communicate with applicants efficiently.

Immediate User Feedback:

Built into the platform is the capability for immediate user feedback, ensuring that all features remain relevant and user-friendly. This continuous loop of feedback and improvement keeps the platform aligned with its users' evolving needs.

Collaborative Workspace:

This feature has collaborative tools designed to facilitate communication and project management among production teams, talent, and equipment providers. This feature supports the seamless planning and execution of projects within the platform.



This platform makes it easier for production teams to discover and connect with the right talent for their projects.

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