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Building the tech backbone for TN Startup Ecosystem



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Cyces played a pivotal role in developing a state-of-the-art digital platform for StartupTN, an initiative aimed at fostering an innovative ecosystem in Tamil Nadu. It operates under the Government of Tamil Nadu. It engages a wide range of stakeholders including startups, investors, mentors, and educational institutions to propel innovation and economic growth.

The primary challenge facing StartupTN was the need to create a unified, scalable platform capable of bridging the gap between various stakeholders in Tamil Nadu's startup ecosystem. Cyces was tasked with addressing these issues.

The process was initiated with a comprehensive consultation that led to the vision for a dynamic digital platform. Through meticulous ecosystem analysis, Cyces developed a scalable, secure infrastructure emphasizing user-friendliness and seamless service integration.

Here are the six key features that the team built for the StartupTN portal:

Information Bot Wizard:

The TANSIM e-Portal introduces a user-friendly chatbot to assist organizations in quickly finding the necessary information, structured around simple question-answer interactions. This feature, designed as a "quick find" tool, allows users to navigate to relevant pages, like registration details, through a guided conversation and pre-defined options. Backend customization ensures that the information delivered is tailored to the user's needs.

Incubators Portfolio Management:

This feature is tailored for incubators, allowing them to manage profiles and list startups they have incubated. This system serves as a crucial data repository for admins to monitor the status and progress of each incubator. Incubators are empowered to update their profiles, add new startups, and showcase these startups on their public profile pages for marketing purposes.

User Creation and Management System:

People in charge can set up and look after who gets to do what on the site. Using email addresses, they can let users have their own unique sign-ins, change passwords, stop or start accounts, and see detailed info about what each user can do. They can also keep track of what users do on the site, organize who reports to whom, and make sure passwords are really secure, all to keep things running smoothly and safely.

Unique ID and certification:

Upon completion of the validation process, organizations that are starting up or those helping them grow, get a special ID and a certificate from the TANSIM system. This ID, which includes information like where they're based, what they do, and when they joined, helps prove they're officially recognized. They'll get an email so they can download this certificate. Even as organizations grow and change categories, their unique ID stays the same, making sure they're always recognized the same way.

Ecosystem Console:

The console serves as a centralized search platform, enabling organizations within the TANSIM ecosystem to connect and explore each other based on various filters like industry, region, and year. This feature facilitates the discovery of organizational growth feeds, mentor profiles, community engagements, and relevant events or schemes. With options for tailored interactions, such as connect requests or incubation applications for eligible organizations, this console enhances ecosystem collaboration. It's designed with scalability, privacy, and data security in mind, ensuring a safe and efficient user experience for all participants.

Schemes Creation & Management:

This feature enables administrators and scheme managers to oversee and curate various schemes through the portal's CMS, catering to both internal and external types. Internal schemes are fully processed within the portal, while external schemes provide information and redirect users via an external link for the application. Administrators have the flexibility to customize schemes, manage notifications, and oversee the application process, including verification and status updates. The system also supports comprehensive audit logs and MIS details for enhanced management and tracking.



We built a scalable platform that bridges the gap between various stakeholders in Tamil Nadu's startup ecosystem.

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