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Techademy is an innovative online coaching platform that offers a diverse range of courses tailored to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the tech industry, enabling learners to upskill, reskill, and seamlessly transition into relevant job roles. It is an initiative by IIHT, a renowned institution offering IT courses for the last 30+ years. They approached Cyces to address a crucial need in the tech industry: bridging the gap between technical skills development and employment opportunities.

Traditional hiring processes are often lengthy, inefficient, and unable to accurately match candidates with the appropriate job roles, leading to high turnover rates, wasted resources, and prolonged vacancies that impede organizational growth and innovation.

Techademy, recognizing this critical gap, sought to create a comprehensive solution that addresses the upskilling needs of learners and helps them integrate it into job placement as a core component of the learning journey.

So we designed and built a platform like Udemy for IIHT but it offered only tech courses and also had a job board to help users with employment. This was the B2C version of the platform. We also expanded on building out the platform which catered to large IT conglomerates, the B2B version. It involved a bit of data engineering and gamification.

Here are the key features of the Techademy B2C platform:

Community Forums:

We built this feature to foster a vibrant community ecosystem through its forums, encouraging learners to engage, share knowledge, and support each other. This feature is designed to replicate the collaborative environment of a classroom or workplace, enabling users to discuss course materials, coding challenges, and industry trends.

Integrated Job Board:

A standout feature of Techademy is its integrated job board, which directly connects learners with employment opportunities. Upon completing courses or acquiring specific skills, users can automatically apply for jobs listed on the portal. This integration creates a streamlined path from education to employment, addressing the critical need for a cohesive upskilling and job placement process.

Custom Course Management System (CCMS):

The CCMS is a flexible and dynamic framework that allows for the creation, management, and delivery of a wide range of courses. This system supports various learning modalities, including self-paced and offline courses, catering to diverse learner needs and preferences. The CCMS is designed to facilitate a blended learning experience, where learners can engage with multiple courses simultaneously, enabling a more comprehensive and integrated approach to skill development.

Innovative Learning Tools (MML, Vtutor, Hexa):

We integrated several cutting-edge tools to enhance the learning experience. MML facilitates coding tests, allowing learners to practice and demonstrate their coding skills in a simulated environment. Vtutor supports live interactions between students and instructors or peers, promoting peer-to-peer learning and real-time feedback. Hexa, the platform's assessment tool, evaluates learners' progress and mastery of course materials, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Partnering with institutions:

This feature is a strategic initiative aimed at forging partnerships with educational institutions to offer Techademy's cutting-edge online courses directly to students. It positions Techademy within the academic sector, significantly expanding its market reach and user base. This enables the college to provide their students with access to a wide array of tech courses that are designed to complement their academic curriculum and equip them with the skills required by the industry. Through this collaboration, institutions can bridge the gap between traditional academic education and the practical, up-to-date skills demanded in the tech job market. 



A standout feature of Techademy is its integrated job board, which directly connects learners with employment opportunities.

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