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Reimagining an LMS for learning music online



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VoxGuru is an online platform through which users can learn traditional Indian music. Their existing system was fragmented and resulted in disjointed communication channels. They were also missing an analytics dashboard, a content management system and a setup to launch product iterations quickly.


Media Streaming with Azure

Central to our strategy was the creation of a native media streaming solution using Azure Media Services. We also set up a backup streaming system with Mux.

Backend management console

We envisaged a one-stop platform that integrated sales, communication, and payment management into a single, user-friendly interface.

Learning Management Console

To streamline the handling of digital assets and the overall learning experience, we introduced a Learning Management System console.

Leveraging WhatsApp to streamline in-app communication

We also integrated WhatsApp into the communication system, all their live classes were scheduled and automated through the messaging platform. Now, students online could exchange notes, voice messages and chat with their peers.

Gamification for confidence tracking and feedback mechanism

Through a system of badges, leaderboards, and rewards, we transformed the learning journey into an interactive and competitive experience.

More than 2 lakh users learn music on their phones via the video streaming infrastructure Cyces built.



I personally loved this app. And I could progress and learn in a very efficient way. I 💯 recommend this app. Great work. Keep it up. Cheers!

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Maanasa Jaganath

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