Over the last few days we spent some time reflecting on 2023. For us at Cyces, this was a year of firsts. We’ve launched a new podcast, started developer advocacy and opened our new office in Bengaluru.

GPT-4 has taken the world by storm, yes, and we’ve been on top of all the exciting announcements. AGI is on the horizon and we don’t know how it will change the way we work and live. That’s why this year at Cyces, it was all about shaping our identity, creating communities and partnerships.

Here’s a glimpse of what we built this year:

  • We opened our new development center at Bengaluru in HSR layout
  • About 26 people joined our team and we launched our formal internship program where we trained about 20 college students.
  • We welcomed an engineering manager and established new sales and marketing functions to bolster our operations.
  • Cyces was a partner for Google’s DevFest in Chennai. This was our first IRL event and an attempt to give back to Chennai’s vibrant tech ecosystem. We plan to do much more of these next year.
  • Created the most important document, a paper that guides the way we work: Our Operational Principles. As we scale, this will help us stay true to our identity
  • We visited the College of Engineering Guindy twice this year for hiring. About seven students from this prestigious college have joined us
  • We created hiring relationships with Loyola, Vivekananda, and Dhaanish Ahmed College of Engineering colleges.
  • We also partnered with the IT and CSE departments of College of Engineering Guindy and conducted workshops and hackathons as part of their technical fests.
  • Held our first webinar on how to stop lead leakage in Enterprise websites.
  • Established a content function and programmatic ads function at Freshboost, our web and SEO services firm.
  • Kickstarted ‘Cyces Editorial’, contributed key pieces on tech personalities to mainstream media houses
  • Launched ‘Product Vault’ a podcast which talks to product leaders across industries. Our first episode was with an expert who has worked on Paytm’s sound box.
  • Our developers, product managers and operations leaders wrote many thought leadership articles and technical guides
  • Created our first content series ‘Cyces Culture Notes’, an attempt to showcase the inner workings of our company

What we built

  • A property management system for a leading real estate developer
  • We built a platform for a major trucking company to help them facilitate innovation among employees
  • A hyper-local platform for consumers to rent furniture and electronic equipment
  • Product and design sprint for a GCC based proptech firm
  • Websites for a company disrupting the construction industry, a platform to make climate financing more accessible and a firm automating privacy and compliance for enterprises.

Life at Cyces

  • This year was also special personally for many of us, with several team members, including our founder, getting married.
  • With the team growing, we now have monthly all-hands calls to know what all of us have been up to
  • We had a grand time at multiple dinner outings, and watched a stand-up comedy act in Chennai as a team
  • For the first time, some of our team members sang carols and we rang in Christmas with all the gusto and fun
  • On the last working day of 2023, our team got together for an evening of fun, food and a Kollywood quiz!

This is us now:

A few months ago, we started work on a Cyces rebrand and building our new website. It is live now! This venture is also about strengthening our identity and deepening our roots as we look to accelerate like never before this 2024.

We have big plans for the coming year. Soon, Cyces will have

  • An R&D division focused on AI
  • Fintech services lab
  • Product division for healthcare firms
  • A data engineering unit

Wishing you all a wholesome and exciting 2024!

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