Every team has its own way of doing things. At Cyces, with all our growth and changes, we think it's good to share how we work and what matters to us. So, we're starting "Cyces Culture Notes". Every fortnight, we'll take a moment to talk about our team, our habits, and our stories.

Here’s the first note, and we start with how we communicate.

As a rapidly growing organization, staying connected and in-sync becomes even more important for us at Cyces. Beyond the meetings and informal chats, our Slack channels provide a candid snapshot of who we are and how we operate. Here, I break down three integral channels.

1. #ping-room: Checking In, Not Checking Up

In #ping-room, team members share if they're 'in office', 'working from home', or 'unwell'. It’s a simple way to see who's around and who might be taking a break. Everyone updates regularly, showing respect for the team's need to know.

It’s not about surveillance or attendance but about mutual respect. When we know if a colleague is available, it becomes easier to collaborate, seek help, or just share a quick joke. When someone shares they're 'working from home', it might be accompanied by a light note or a fun emoji.

2. #small-win-bell: Celebrating Every Milestone

At many organizations, only the biggest achievements get the spotlight. But at Cyces, we believe in celebrating every step forward, no matter how small. The #small-win-bell channel is where we gather to share and cheer for the wins of the day. This helps us build momentum.

Whether it's closing a minor bug, a positive feedback from a client, or a creative breakthrough, every victory is worth acknowledging. Motivation is not just built on game-changing moments but also on the small small steps that lead up to them.

3. #www (What Went Wrong): Embracing Mistakes

The journey to perfection is paved with missteps. At Cyces, we don't just accept this; we embrace it wholeheartedly. The #www channel is a place for introspection, where team members share what didn't go as planned. But it's not about pointing fingers or assigning blame. Instead, it’s a constructive space for collective learning. By openly discussing our challenges and setbacks, we foster an environment where every mistake becomes an opportunity for growth.

These three Slack channels might seem simple, but they carry the core values that are part of Cyces culture: transparency, celebration, and continuous learning.

Follow along for more such culture notes from our learnings as we build better and bigger.

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