Welcome back to the second edition of our fortnightly series, Cyces Culture Notes. In our inaugural note, I wrote about three of our most important Slack channels. This time, I’m talking about a topic that's integral to how we approach our work: the balance between tasks and vision.

Tasks. To-do lists. Action items. They often become the lifeline of many organizations. At Cyces, however, we've taken a step back to ask: Are we simply ticking off boxes, or are we nurturing thinkers and problem-solvers?

1. The Pitfall of Task Obsession

When a team focuses solely on tasks, it can inadvertently stifle creativity. Every item becomes a box to tick, and the bigger picture can blur. The danger? We risk becoming mere executors, losing sight of the overarching goal.

2. The Cyces Way: Vision over Tasks

At Cyces, tasks are a part of the picture, but they aren't the entire canvas. We emphasize the "why" behind the "what". By immersing our team in the broader goals and missions, we aim to cultivate a sense of purpose. This approach not only aligns individual tasks with larger objectives but also fosters a culture of innovation. When team members grasp the bigger picture, they become proactive contributors, suggesting fresh ideas and approaches instead of merely following instructions.

In fact, we wrote an entire blog on why vision is important in product development.

3. Predicting and Pivoting

Equipping team members with a vision over a task list also means entrusting them with the autonomy to predict challenges. When individuals can anticipate what might go wrong, they're better positioned to pivot, adapt, and find solutions. It's proactive problem-solving rather than reactive firefighting.

At Cyces, we believe in the power of autonomy and the potential of every team member to be a visionary in their own right. By looking beyond mere tasks, we're building a team of thinkers, innovators, and proactive problem-solvers.

As we wrap up this month's notes, we invite you to stay tuned. Next month, we'll continue to share the nuances, strategies, and values that shape our journey at Cyces. Until then, happy end of August!

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