Welcome to the fourth edition of Cyces Culture Notes. Today, we shine a spotlight on our internship program.

Many of our standout employees began their journey as interns.

Our Vision:

Cyces is built on a foundation of innovation and continuous learning. Central to this is our internship program which has been a significant part of our growth journey.

Internships at Cyces: A Long-Term Perspective

At Cyces, internships aren't just short-term stints. We view them as platforms to nurture talent, passion, and potential. More than just getting work done, we're committed to nurturing a new wave of thinkers, builders, and doers.

How It Works:

Our interns start with Phase 1, dedicated to learning and understanding our ecosystem. In Phase 2, they are assigned a test project to help them get a grasp of the practical challenges. By Phase 3, they are involved in real-world projects, ensuring they get hands-on experience.

While interns don't have designated mentors, our open culture ensures they always have access to senior team members for guidance, feedback, and insights.

Cyces is built on teamwork. Interns collaborate with various teams, giving them a holistic view of tech product development.

Past Interns:

Over the past few years, we've welcomed many interns. While not all have stayed, those who did have carved out impressive careers with us. Regardless of their path post-internship, every intern remains a valued member of the Cyces community.

The Road Ahead:

As Cyces grows, so does our commitment to making the internship experience richer. We're always seeking ways to enhance the program, bring in fresh perspectives, and connect with educational institutions worldwide.

Interested in being a part of this journey? Get in touch to begin your internship at Cyces! In fact many of our best employees began as interns.

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