We at Cyces had an unforgettable time at DevFest 2023, organized by Google Developer Groups Chennai. Held at IIT Madras Research Park on December 1st and 2nd, the event drew a large crowd of enthusiastic developers, despite challenging weather.

Every year, DevFest attracts about 1000+ developers, founders and experts. It is hosted by GDG Chennai and is a highly anticipated tech conference in the city. This year, the line up was spectacular, with workshops and talks curated for developers.

As a tech product development agency, we were thrilled to connect with so many talented individuals in this vibrant tech community. This year, we were a hiring partner for the event. We were on the lookout for experienced Python Django developers, and what better place to be at than DevFest!

Here is a picture of our booth:

On a tangential note, we are going through a rebrand here at Cyces, and our new website is under development. Our core identity is ‘dare mighty things’ and the red standee is sort of a teaser for the new website. We’re super excited about the rebrand, follow us on LinkedIn to know when we go live!

At our Cyces stall during DevFest, the energy was incredible. We met enthusiastic developers, innovative tech founders, and a diverse crowd of attendees. About 400 people dropped by over the two days. Our dev stickers and notebooks were a hit, flying off the shelves faster than expected, a clear favorite among the visitors.

We owe a big thank you to the event organizers, especially Naveen, for their incredible support.

This event, our first in-person engagement, was a remarkable experience. It highlighted the charm and impact of real-life events, prompting us to participate in more such gatherings in the future.

This was our first in-person event, and it surpassed all our expectations. The atmosphere of a live event, the face-to-face interactions, and the spontaneous exchanges of ideas made it memorable. We realized there's an irreplaceable value in connecting with people in real life, something that virtual events just can't replicate.

Looking ahead, we're inspired to dive deeper into the developer community. Cyces plans to not only participate in more developer-focused events but also to host some. We see this as a fantastic opportunity to forge stronger ties within the tech world and to keep evolving with the vibrant community of developers. We encourage everyone to stay tuned for our upcoming events.

And as a closing note, we've learned a valuable lesson – to take more pictures and videos!

If you’re interested in hosting events in partnership with us, write to and if you’re looking for opportunities to work with us, shoot an email with your resume to

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