This year was full of opportunities. For Cyces, and for tech all around the world.

Every week, every day, there is a breakthrough in AI.

The way we code is changing. And everything is happening at a dizzying pace. In January, developers primarily relied on Stack Overflow to answer their doubts. Now, it’s all about AI coding assistants. Hear this out.

“(Github’s) Copilot has dramatically accelerated my coding, it's hard to imagine going back to "manual coding". Still learning to use it but it already writes ~80% of my code, ~80% accuracy. I don't even really code, I prompt. & edit.”

It’s big(ger). Actually, the way we interact with machines is changing.

And we could not be more excited. What will the end of next year look like with GPT-4 on the horizon? As we ponder on these seemingly monumental questions, we wanted to look back at this year and reflect on the opportunities that came our way.

We are extremely grateful for the things that happened at Cyces.

Here’s a short year-end review. We did not want it to be just about numbers. We’re talking about what makes us tick, why we do what we do, and how we're growing.

What Cyces looked like in 2022:

  • Our team grew 3x in the last year, we moved to a bigger office and conducted our first college placement drive
  • Put down our first ever ‘core principles’ after long brainstorming sessions. Looking forward to see how this evolves as we grow
  • Built a video learning management system that can handle on-demand and live streaming classes. Over a lakh users learn music on the app everyday! Read the breakdown here
  • Designed and built an audit workflow system that FMCG brands can use on the field. The system automates audits and payouts for more than 200k retailers, our humble contribution to India’s unsung infrastructure.
  • Built 500+ web pages, and managed to get 868,000 clicks, 20M impressions organically for our clients
  • Automated SEO workflows with a GPT-3 tool to reduce time to output by 50%
  • Set up frameworks and templates for our technical sprints and shared them with the FigJam community. Our small contribution to the community that continues to inspire us
  • De-coupled our web and SEO services division and created a new business unit ‘Freshboost
  • Partnered with firms in the GCC region, we’re stepping foot in new geographical regions

2022 has been a year of change for Cyces too. We’ve gotten serious about putting engineering at the core of everything we do. It’s more important than ever to do so because of the sheer challenges and opportunities that lie in front of us.

Stay in touch with us to know what we’re building and to understand how we evolve as the world does.

Hope we all have a great 2023!

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