Over the years, our team at Cyces has been at the forefront of crafting tech products. With every project, we gathered insights, faced challenges, and celebrated successes. We realized that our experiences, combined with those from other industry experts, could be invaluable to many.

Introducing "Product Vault", a podcast dedicated to unveiling the stories and processes behind the creation of popular tech products.

What does Product Vault offer:

We know that understanding the nuances of product development is crucial. "Product Vault" bridges the gap between curious minds and the creators behind groundbreaking products. Every episode offers a rare peek into the challenges, solutions, and innovations that shape the products we use daily. By highlighting these stories, we aim to inspire, inform, and connect a community passionate about the world of tech.

Our Diverse Lineup of Voices

At "Product Vault", diversity of perspective is our strength. Our listeners can expect to hear from:

  • Industry Leaders: The visionaries who've paved the way and continue to shape the future of tech.
  • Product Managers: The bridge between idea and execution, they'll share how they turn concepts into real, tangible products.
  • Strategists: Those who plot the course, foreseeing market trends, and setting product directions.
  • Designers: From user experience to visual aesthetics, discover the art behind intuitive and beautiful products.
  • Developers & Engineers: The backbone of any tech product, they'll delve into the technical intricacies that power our favorite tools.
  • Start-up Founders: Hear the tales of bootstrapped beginnings, challenges faced, and the thrill of launching a new product.
  • Users & Beta Testers: Those on the receiving end who provide invaluable feedback, helping to refine and perfect products.

By engaging with this wide spectrum of professionals, "Product Vault" promises comprehensive insights, unveiling the many facets of product development.

A Sneak Peek into Our First Episode: 'Paytm Sound Box'

For our inaugural episode, we've chosen a product that's been making waves in the fintech world: the Paytm Sound Box. Why? Digital transactions have become the norm and Paytm Sound Box stands out as a game-changer. This device has not only simplified payment confirmations for merchants but has also enhanced the user experience for customers. Its widespread adoption and impact make it a fascinating subject for our first deep dive.

We're thrilled to have Karthik Kumar on board for this episode. As someone deeply involved in the product development of the Paytm Sound Box, he brings firsthand insights. Karthik sheds light on the early days of the product, diving into its inception, the initial stages of testing in 2018, and the challenges the team navigated to bring this idea to life.

Beyond the technical aspects, Karthik shares some lesser-known stories and lessons from behind the scenes.

Keep an eye out for the first episode this week!

We’re pretty excited for this one.

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